About Us


Hello and Welcome to my Site!

 I'm Kerry, Owner/Designer at Simple Blessings Healing Stones. (And that's my furry side kick Charley.)

 A bit about me in a nutshell....


  •  I'm a full-time  Registered Massage Therapist and I own a Wellness Clinic where I have 7 amazing humans working with me

  •  I founded Simple Blessings in 2017. My hobby became a passion and the ball just keeps on rolling!

  • I'm a HUGE coffee lover!  Especially a Starbucks Americano!

  • I love my sleep... my mother actually made me see a Doctor during my University years because she said it wasn't normal for someone to sleep this much!

  •  I am TERRIFIED of spiders (Is there a gemstone for that?!)

  • My favorite place to travel is to Sarasota, Florida with Los Cabos being a close second

  •  I speak 3 languages and was also a Competitive Figure Skater for 17 years

  •  I love dogs more than I love most humans

  •  Nothing brings me more joy than being able to create pieces to help others heal 

I started Simple Blessings with hope of spreading more kindness and positivity.

I find it extremely meditating to create these special gifts for others. I love being able to channel my healing

energy into each piece, focusing on infusing them with healing intentions specific to that gemstone.

  It is extremely gratifying to know I am creating something that could help you or a loved one! 

So thank you for allowing me to do something I love. Thank you for allowing me to open your minds and your hearts to a whole new world. And above all else...thank you for allowing me to PAY IT FORWARD. 

Love, Light and Hugs to you all