How To Find Your Size

Please read the following instructions CAREFULLY! 


Choosing the correct size is imperative for a comfortable fit, as well as to extend

the life of your bracelet.  Choosing a size that is too small will cause the bracelet to "GAP" between

stones.  This gapping causes friction on the elastic cord and will cause your bracelet to snap and break.  

Your bracelet should fit loose with the ability to move up and down the wrist slightly.  

Here's how to get the correct fit: 

1. Take a tape measure and measure around the thickest part of your wrist

(or where you want the bracelet to sit).

2. Hold the tape measure at a 'loose but close' fit, and not completely snug against the skin. 

3.  Once you have your size in inches, please add 

0.5" for a close fit

1.0" for a looser fit 

4. If you are in between size ALWAYS SIZE UP! 

Ex.  If you wrist measures 6" in diameter you would be a size 6.5" (small) 

or 7" (medium) for bit of a looser fit.

 Ex.  If your wrist measures 6.25" in diameter you would be a size 6.75". 

Since this is in between sizes, you would want to size up to a 7"

DO NOT size down to a 6.5" as this would be WAY TOO TIGHT

and will cause your bracelet to break. 

**For custom sizes please reach out to us with a message! 

**If your size is out of stock please message us to see what we can do