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Our Simply Blessed Gift Bag comes with 5 of our most popular healing crystals to get you started on your crystal loving journey with the following Healing Intentions in mind: 


LOVE - Rose Quartz to help promote self love and bring love into the home as well as into our surrounding relationships. Place on a nightstand, in a pocket or in the furthest right hand corner of the home. 


LUCK - One of the most powerful stones for luck, Green Aventurine will help to attract wealth and prosperity. Place in a purse, wallet or carry on you for luck at any time needed. 


CALM - Amethyst is best known as Nature's Tranquilizer. Place on a nightstand or under a pillow to help with sleep/nightmares.  Carry in a pocket to assist with stress or anxiety. 


PROTECTION - Hematite has been included to protect and ward off negative energy and psychic attacks. Carry in a pocket to give a feeling of stability and security.


CLEAR QUARTZ - Clear Quartz is one of the most powerful gemstones. Place it next to other crystals to cleanse and amplify their healing vibrations. You may also program your clear quartz to assist you with any healing intentions specific to your needs. 



Pocket Stones

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  • Packaged in our Simple Blessings Cleansing Pouch with White Sage Leaves, to store and cleanse your stones when not in use. 


    Finished off with a Description Card of Stones, our White Simple Blessings Gift Bag and Tissue paper.

    All set for you to give the perfect gift of positive vibrations! 


    All 5 Crystals are Grade A or AA, ranging in size from 0.25"-2". 


    **Please note size and colours for each stone may vary slightly from photos shown, as each stone is original and naturally sourced and mined.  

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