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Our Intetion Pins are the perfect option for children or adults who are not jewelry wearers. Pin to a jacket, backpack, yogamat etc.  The best way to have a little healing be part of your day in places that you may not be able to wear a bracelet. 


Available in the following Options: 


LOVE - (Rose Quartz) Like a Bubble Bath for the soul, Rose Quartz brings us soothing comfort, while helping to heal the heart. It teaches us to love ourselves, while bringing love into relationships surrounding us.


CALM - (Amethyst) Referred to as Nature’s Tranquilizer, Amethyst calms and soothes. It provides protection against negative energies and assists with sleep by preventing nightmares. Excellent to wear when suffering from stress and anxiety.


GRIEF - (Apache Tear) One of the most powerful crystals for Grief, the Apache Tear has a story of being formed by the wives of Apache Indians, who lost their husbands in battle. This protective stone will help absorb grief and sadness while protecting and shielding you from negative energy and menacing situations.



Love Intention Pin

  • Stones are attached to a pin with a secured clasp backing, and pinned to a desription card of each stone's healing properties. 

    All 3 pins are approx 0.5-0.75" in size.

    **Please note size and colours for each stone may vary slightly from photos shown, as each stone is original and naturally sourced and mined.  

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