What is Crystal Gemstone Healing?

More than just a 'pretty face' is how I would describe Crystal Gemstones. 

While they may be beautiful to look at on the surface, once you dive

 deeper into their healing properties, you will be surprised at how

drawn you may be to one type or another. 

And there is good reason for this! 



When approached from a scientific perspective, the law of physics states that "everything in the universe vibrates and has it's own resonant frequency" or in other words "gives off waves of energy". You will hear the term "energy" applied often when referring to Crystal Gemstone Healing.  

Crystals emit various forms of energy from deep and earthy to a higher, more cosmic vibration. (Many containing multiple vibrations or energies.) These vibrations all work together to help bring the mind, body and spirit back into balance, facilitating changes needed on a deeper more soulful level. 

Each Crystal will have its own unique healing properties. Some may block energy, some will cleanse and others will activate or facilitate. 


Which one is right for you?  Well only you can truly say!  We all have our own individual energy.  Past experiences, environments and beliefs all help shape this energy and who you are today.  Finding the Crystal that is right for you can help bring you back into balance, enhancing your health and well being and spiritually raising your vibration to a more positive and balanced energy.


How To Choose A Crystal Gemstone

If you find yourself being drawn to a particular Crystal there is a good chance it is because you need it in your life! If you are feeling a strong attraction to a particular stone, pick it up and hold it. Often times, once you discover the healing potential behind that particular Crystal, you will be surprised to find you were needing some assistance in that area.  

So sit back, relax and browse our site! 


We are sure you will find something to help bring forth Love, Light and Healing Energy.

**Disclaimer - Crystal Healing Energies are NOT guaranteed.  They should never be used to replace the advice or prescriptions given to you by a medical doctor.